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Woodworking Supplies


We are very pleased to offer only Titebond® top-of-the-line woodworking glues in our retail store. Because many of these products are specialty products, they’re not available in the big-box stores; in fact, they are not widely available in this area at all. We are now carrying the following Titebond® products:

Titebond Original is the industry standard. Strong initial tack, fast speed of set, and a bond stronger than the wood itself.

Titebond II Premium is the only leading brand, one-part wood glue that passes the ANSI Type II water resistance specification. It is FDA approved for indirect food contact, and ideal for R-F gluing systems.


Titebond II Extend offers 3x the open time, and is ideal for more complex assemblies and bent laminations.

Titebond II Fluorescent contains a dye that glows when viewed under a black light, enabling you to inspect the glue line, making clean-up easier.


Titebond II Dark is a dyed version of Titebond II Wood Glue, making it ideal for projects that will have a darker finish.

Titebond Polyurethane is the only polyurethane glue to combine a long, 30-minute working time with a short, 45-minute clamp time. And the foaming action is only 1/3 that of other brands.

Titebond No-Run No-Drip is the thickest, fastest-drying glue available for use with porous and semi-porous materials. It is ideal for finish trim, crown molding, and baseboards.

Titebond Liquid Hide is the first hide glue to be offered in a liquid, ready-to-use form and is ideal for use on period pieces and antiques. It is well known for a long assembly time, superior creep resistance and excellent sandability. Its most unique feature, though, is its sensitivity to moisture, allowing for easy disassembly of parts — a critical benefit in antique restoration or repair of musical instruments.

Titebond III Ultimate is the first one-part, water clean-up wood glue ever offered that is proven waterproof. The waterproof formula passes the NSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance specification, is non-toxic, solvent-free, and FDA-approved for indirect food contact.

Titebond Wood Filler resists shrinking and cracking, hardens like wood, and can be cut, sawed, planed, drilled, and sanded easily. It dries to a neutral color and can be painted, stained, or finished.

We are really excited to offer these top-of-the-line products, manufactured with woodworkers’ unique needs in mind. Please make sure to come in and check them out!


We are also pleased to carry abrasives from the market-leader, KWH Mirka. Mirka abrasives and sanding products are the best in the business, and are available in this area only from Bull Valley Hardwood.

We are carrying both retail packs and pro packs of the following products for orbital sanders:

Abralon is a unique, multifunctional sanding material developed for tackling both smooth and profiled surfaces. Its patented, flexible construction allows it to create a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges while minimizing the risk of pressure marks. The flexible weave also allows water and air to pass freely, making it suitable for both wet and dry sanding, by machine or by hand.


Abranet is the original, multifunctional net sanding material. With a lifespan up to 7 times longer than traditional sanding materials, Abranet is a very cost-effective solution. Designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand, its true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, and a better surface finish.

Bulldog Gold is the industry standard. This durable all-round sanding material is very well suited for high speed sanding in a multitude of applications. Gold features semi-open and special stearate coatings designed to prevent clogging and pill forming which helps achieve an optimal sanding result.


We are also carrying 9”x11” sanding sheets in all of the standard grits, belts in 2-1/4”x14”, 3”x24”, and 4”x24” sizes, abrasive sponges and pads, and Mirlon Scuff Pads.


In addition to the abrasive products, we are also carrying Mirka’s top-of-the-line brushless sanders, in both the CEROS and DEROS lines. Mirka electric sanders are unique, lightweight and equipped with a compact design. The optimized ergonomics make it comfortable to grip and easy to use, while the low profile design gives a high maneuverability and helps to deliver precise and efficient sanding performance. The innovative brushless electric motor is powerful enough to maintain a constant speed under load. Mirka's electric sanders are also virtually silent in operation, cheap to run and require minimal maintenance.

Stop in and check out all of the amazing products available from this industry-leading company!


Freud has long been considered the gold standard in everything they do. That is precisely why we chose Freud as the brand of blades and router bits we will carry at Bull Valley Hardwood. The amount of time, money, heart and soul that you devote to your projects deserves nothing less than the best and most accurate cutting tools on the market.

The level of precision that goes into each cutting tool is unprecedented in the industry. Each Freud saw blade involves up to 35 manufacturing steps. Each product is carefully crafted using the best materials, leading innovative designs, and the most sophisticated manufacturing process. Every product is specifically designed for superior performance and maximum life. Just like you take pride in your projects, Freud takes pride in their products – so you receive the best cutting performance every time.

Sansin-wood-sealerDid you know that Freud even produces its own carbide? It’s true! Freud’s MicroGrain high-density carbide with Titanium is called TiCo™, and is a combination of Titanium and Cobalt. By producing their own carbide, Freud has the unique ability to formulate each tool for each specific application, thereby maximizing the cutting life and performance of the tool.

Sansin-wood-sealerWe carry a wide range of woodworker blades in 10”, 12”, and 14” sizes, router bits, router bit sets, shaper cutters, and Forstner bits in both HSS and carbide. In all, we’ll have over 400 different Freud products, giving us the largest selection of router bits and bit sets in the area! Pick up a couple blades and bits next time you come in, so you can rest easy knowing you’re never without the right tool for whatever job comes your way.


Timbermate Woodfiller is an interior grade 4 in 1 wood putty, grain filler, edge filler and crack filler. When thinned slightly with water, Timbermate Woodfiller can even be used as a sanding sealer. 
Timbermate does not shrink, sink, crack or fall out, and has an indefinite shelf life! If your tub dries out, just add water to soften. You can even take your dry sanding dust and mix with water for re-use! It is non-flammable, non-toxic and contains no acrylic, latex or solvents. Timbermate takes nailing, screwing, planing, sawing, drilling, and routing.
Timbermate comes in 13 premixed colors plus a natural tint base. It takes all types of known stains, varnishes and coatings, too. It can be tinted in the wet state or overstained when dry.
The Timbermate formula is over 85 years old and is the only genuine water-based formula in the world.

The following APPLICATION GUIDELINES come directly from the Timbermate web site,

Sansin-wood-sealerApply Timbermate with a spatula or knife using hand pressure to force into the edge or end of the grain.

For spray gun use stir 10% - 15% water into Timbermate, fit a 2mm nozzle and set pressure to 60psi. Boards can be stacked for easy spraying. Allow to dry and sand with a fine grit paper and apply topcoat.

Fills cracks, knots, pin and screw holes, splits, blemishes, etc. Fill deep holes in layers allowing time for each layer to dry. Will not blind natural wood grain. Drying time is about 30 minutes. Timbermate dries hard and smooth without shrinking or sinking and can be belt or drum sanded as it is not affected by heat. The hotter it gets the harder and faster it sets and that means less down time."

You can speed dry Timbermate by adjusting the surrounding air temperature. This can be done by using either hot air, heat lamps, or kiln ovens. Timbermate can be mixed with any stains before or after the filler is dry. To match medium and darker shades mix with Natural, Pine or other light shades.

Use white Timbermate only for white top coats.

Mix 10% to 15% water into Timbermate  to make a perfect grain filler, sanding sealer and primer coat all in one application. First sand surface with fine grit sandpaper, then apply grain filler to surface with a spray gun, paint roller, hessian or a cloth rolled into a ball. Rub across the grain in a circular motion finishing with the grain. Sand, once filler is dry, to perfection with either sandpaper or power sander, using a fine grit paper. Grain filler can be used in a roller or curtain coater or spray gun using a 2mm nozzle and 60psi pressure. Can be further thinned down with water if required.


We are SO excited to announce that we have partnered with Laguna Tools to carry their entire line of power tools including: Laguna-Band-Saw

and many more pieces of woodworking equipment!

  Sansin-wood-sealerLaguna Tools is a global leader in power tools for woodworkers around the world with their “A Machine for Every Purpose – and Every Budget” philosophy. So, whether you are a woodworker who is just starting out, a small company on a limited budget, an experienced woodworker, or a professional, Laguna Tools has the right machine for you.

Laguna Tools is based in Irvine, CA, and boasts over 30 years of continuous product innovation. The company prides itself on sourcing the very finest machine components worldwide to ensure that Laguna Tools products offer performance second-to-none.

At Bull Valley Hardwood, our suppliers’ integrity and values are as important as their products. We were inspired by this story from Laguna Tools’ web site:

In addition to making the best woodworking equipment available, we keep up with our mission to give back to the community by supporting outreach programs with the products and knowledge needed to become skilled woodworkers. This year, Laguna Tools was given the opportunity to help a brave individual who was severely injured during combat duty in Iraq.

Nathanael "Nate" Meadows was serving as a senior field medic in 2003 when an improvised explosive device changed his life forever. At first, his injuries were not readily visible; he escaped diagnosis and continued to serve. It was not until he went to re-enlist as a flight medic that he was diagnosed with bilateral ear perforations, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, disequilibrium and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder – in addition to bladder and kidney disease. His career effectively over, he was honorably discharged and given the Purple Heart for valor in the field of duty. But as his dream vanished and he lost the ability to provide for his family, Nate sunk deep into depression and often wished that the worst had happened, instead.
When Nate was assigned to the Warrior in Transition Unit, the fog began to lift: Nate rediscovered a hidden passion for woodworking and resolved to forge a new path for his future. As a young boy, he had worked in a shop with his father—himself a skilled craftsman—developing basic skills and a love for working with wood. This new inspiration spurred him forward and he began to try and find a way to make his new vision come true.

After having read a review about Laguna Tools' bandsaws in a magazine, he decided that he would put his heart into a written letter to Laguna Tools, in which he wasn't just asking for charity – he was asking for the opportunity to forge a new life for himself. As fate would have it, his letter landed on the desk of Catherine Helshoj, who immediately took notice and followed through with his invitation to find out if he was truly who he said he was.

"I'm the biggest skeptic there is," said Catherine, "when his letter came through with contact information and a request to verify his story, I did. However it didn't take more than a couple of calls before I knew that Nate was the real deal."

Touched by Nate's honest plea for help to secure a 14" Laguna bandsaw on which to begin building his woodworking business, Catherine brought his story to the attention of everyone who works at Laguna Tools and friends: "I announced to our employees and their families that if they were willing to reach out and help contribute to this cause, the company would match their donations and provide Nate with the bandsaw he so desired."

It didn't take long before an outpour of support came through. Catherine and Torben opted to "upgrade" Nate's request, providing him with a 16" heavy duty bandsaw. Catherine also reached out for additional industry support, introducing Nate's cause to other manufacturers in the woodworking industry who are now stepping up to help this brave young man get a leg up as he strives to make a new future for himself and his family.

"Being from Europe, we have long been grateful to the American Armed Forces, for their valor and service to the world as peace-keepers." Catherine added. "So for us it was not a hard decision at all to reach out to Nate, who truly put his life on the line for others. And now we have developed a deep bond of friendship and are deeply honored to have been given the opportunity to help Nate move forward with his life. It's the least we could do."