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No one likes a disclaimer right off the bat – but we have to do it, and as fellow woodworking enthusiasts, we know you’ll understand. So here goes.

Our inventory will change on almost a daily basis – as customers purchase lumber, and as we cut, dry, and bring in more lumber to sell. For general information about what we will be carrying, this page is for you. If you want more specific information about in-stock lumber, check our Online Store. But for information on specific pieces, your best bet is to call – that way we can hold something for you to pick up later.

There you have it. The dreaded disclaimer. Not too painful, we hope. Now, onto the good stuff.

Our goal is to stock whatever species you need – from the traditional hardwoods to the not-so-traditional, and even into the exotics and higher-quality sheet goods. But we will never sacrifice quality just to have something in stock.

Sheet Goods
Ash Plywood
Birch Plywood
Cherry Plywood
Maple Plywood
Red Oak Plywood
White Oak Plywood
Walnut Plywood
Spalted Maple
Fiddleback Maple
Birdseye Maple
Quilted Maple

We will also strive to carry all of the cuts and thicknesses you need, too:

Plain Sawn (Flat Sawn) Book Matched Crotchwood Slabs
Quarter Sawn Slip Matched Live-Edge Slabs
Rift Sawn Flitch-cut in Log-Sawn Order Turning Blanks
Live Sawn Butt Matched Burls
4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4 10/4

By popular demand, we are also featuring our Designer Corner – where you’ll find pieces with unique characteristics, unusual shapes or forms, and just about anything else imaginable. When a perfect, uniform piece just won’t do – stop in and check out our Designer Corner!

For information about the individual species – including strength and mechanical properties, as well as machining, gluing, nailing, screwing and finishing properties, please visit our Wood Species Guide.